Keeping it clean and profitable

Stafford Bye Products (SBP) maintains Category 3 hygiene standards when processing animal by-products for pet-food companies. It collects by-products from some twelve abattoirs and animal processing plants around the Midlands with three 26-foot rigid-bodied lorries each taking thirty-two Dolav Ace plastic pallet boxes. All animal by-products are received in Dolav Aces in Dolav liners. They are tipped with rotating forks into a hopper or freezers and SBP finished by-product is processed within four hours of its arrival ahead of twelve to twenty-four hours in a cold store. SBP is a Division of Shropshire Wholesale Meat Company Limited.

The animal bi-products going through SBP processing are chicken frames which are minced and emulsified, chicken plucks (heart, liver and lungs), chicken necks, beef, lamb and pork. As part of the 'fifth quarter' the sale and processing animal bi-products increases the value of animals being processed and reduces waste and the cost of waste disposal.

Staffs Bye Products

 Dolav ACE being tipped on a forklift


When deciding on a suitable plastic pallet box, SBP manager, Richard Smith, said, "We wanted the Dolav as it is made in a one-piece moulding so the runners don't break off. They have very strong, solid plastic walls with the result that they are durable, cleanable and hygienic. Because of the very tight margins in the business plastic pallet boxes have got to last a long time." Each full Dolav SBP handles 620 litres weighing, with SBP, about 400 kilos, well within the 900 kilo capability of the Ace. 

The other problem to overcome for SBP, as for the total sector is loss through non-return of box pallets. To help reduce loss, all new Dolav Ace boxes for Staffs Bye Products are hot dye stamped by Dolav with the SBP company name. SBP pressure hoses its Dolavs clean and returns them to supplier sites in a continuous cycle as it has done for more than twenty years with Dolavs.

For its pet-food company clients, SBP produces processed animal bi-products to meet required specifications. That includes content and very importantly, hygiene to Cat 3 standards which SBP continues to achieve with the help of Dolav Ace pallet boxes.

Staffs Bye Prod 2

The contents being emptied on to freezer plates





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